March 17, is going to be revamped and renewed.

March 2, 2020Compu-House is stepping up its research efforts in Medical Predictive Analytics.

COVID-19 Analytics Project.

Sudden Cardiac Death Prediction Model.

Septic Shock Prediction Model.

Data ScienceWe make your data speaks loudly and clearly. Show us your data and we will help you make intelligent decisions.

Software DevelopmentWe breathe code regardless of the syntax used. The client specifies their needs and we do the rest. We will take all the time to study your business, look at your processes, suggest improvements, and then we will develop your applications following the requirements we agree on. We will help clients design and implement their databases and build applications customized to fit their business.

Project ManagementIf you have a project that is going nowhere, we have GPS experts that can guide your endeavor into success. Our folks will follow the best industry standards to bring any stalled project to completion. Besides, we can offer project management with any project we start at the client.

Networking & InfrastructureIf are just building your infrastructure or looking to upgrade you existing, we will help you have your business get wired and "wirelessed" using the latest technology.

Web DevelopmentIf you are looking to establish your presence on the www, or move your current retail or wholesale operations into e-commerce, we are here to help. We can also build your web applications for your business to keep on the go.

ConsultingIf the IT projects you are building require onsite presence of additional resources we can supply that. Our team of highly skilled consultants will be a great asset to any company that is looking to finish projects in lesser time.

IT StaffingIf you are building your IT Department, we can help you identify and screen the resources you need.