March 17, is going to be revamped and renewed.

March 2, 2020Compu-House is stepping up its research efforts in Medical Predictive Analytics.

COVID-19 Analytics Project.

Sudden Cardiac Death Prediction Model.

Septic Shock Prediction Model.

Our CompanyCompu-House is a Data Science, and IT consulting and staffing firm offering comprehensive solutions to small, mid and large businesses around the globe.

Our company is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable services.

Our approach is based on using a combination of processes, strategies, technology, technical expertise, and infrastructure tailored to each client specifications and needs. This will ensure a successful outcome of the projects.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Our products continue to grow by following trends, improving our standards, and listening to the customer.

The management team @ Compu-House has extensive experience in data science, software development, and consulting services. They encourage a solution oriented business culture that focuses on customer care and a challenging work environment that keeps employees and consultants on the cutting-edge of technology.

Our team of consultants is very diversified in terms of technology. Their expertise covers Data Science, Microsoft, JAVA and PHP in addition to other tools.

The mission of Compu-House is to offer customers the highest quality solutions that will increase productivity but still stay within budget.

Company HistoryFounded in 2009, Compu-House is a pioneer in providing Data Science, and IT development and staffing solutions to companies worldwide. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Compu-House has offshore locations in Egypt and Lebanon to provide superb software development, and continuous support for its current and future clients.

The company is growing through acquiring other small consultant firms, opening more business accounts, and expanding the relations with existing clients.