March 17, is going to be revamped and renewed.

March 2, 2020Compu-House is stepping up its research efforts in Medical Predictive Analytics.

COVID-19 Analytics Project.

Sudden Cardiac Death Prediction Model.

Septic Shock Prediction Model.

AutoShop Pro 4.1This desktop application is fully customizable to fit any auto bodyshop or auto repair facility. It tracks vendors, jobs performed, customers and parts. It will produce estimates and invoices. The application has a rich set of reports that are can be customized to the clients requirements.

LawOffice Pro 5.3A must have web application for all law firms. The application tracks all aspects of the law office from tasks to billing and electronic document storage. The application is fully customizable with vast reporting capabilities.

Medical Management Pro 9.0A state of the art web application that fully manages any medical facility. The application can be purchased as a suite or as individual modules. Electronic Medical Recording, Billing and Scheduling are just a few of the capabilities of the application. Designed with security and ease of use in mind, the application is a necessity for any medical facility.